Online Masterclass - 7 Steps to Communication Mastery

Peter Thijssens and Els van der Horst

Mastering wholesome communication

What are pitfalls of communication and how to stay out of them.


Giving & receiving feedback in a healthy way

The do’s and don’ts of giving & receiving feedback.


Practice wholesome ways of communication

Develop your skills by actually doing it with each other!

SoulNature - masterclass communication
SoulNature - masterclass communication

Blocks to wholesome communication

At a younger age, I (Peter) didn’t do well on being criticized. I felt attacked and I got defensive or I shut down.

I had very low self-esteem and a very negative self-image at that time and I now know I was afraid my self-judgment would be confirmed by criticism from others.

Unresolved issues from childhood are one of the most important barricades to healthy communication. As long as you’re in the attack and defense or attack and counterattack mode, you will not come to a mutually satisfying agreement.

Besides that, there are a few simple rules that will guide you toward a healthy form of communication.

During my (Els) husband David’s last years, we sometimes struggled with healthy communication.
Not until I understood more about the different attachment styles and how to apply them for
myself and him could we lift this burden. From then on, everything became much smoother, and
the most difficult things could be talked about in a way we both felt listened to and appreciated.

You have everything within you to master wholesome communication. You just came to believe otherwise.

Peter Thijssens

In my mid-30s, my awakening process started. My life has changed radically, since then. I made the switch from IT to health care.

  • Where I ‘thought’ I was afraid of people and socially awkward, to my surprise I discovered I’m very good at working with people
  • From super-introvert I turned into an extrovert-introvert
  • From a responsive personality I learned to reach out and discovered I am capable of that
  • From being a frightened little boy in a man’s body I turned into an entrepreneur, a self-made man
  • From being afraid to give lectures I now stand in front of groups more and more.

These are just a few examples. What it has taught me, is that everything I need is within me. I just falsely started to believe it’s not so.

Els van der Horst
SoulNature - psycholoog Almere

Els van der Horst

After 20 years working in Amsterdam as a Mensendieck therapist while giving Yoga and natural childbirth classes and working with women with burnout.
Today I work in the US as a Leadership Coach and a Journey Therapist. I combine these practices with mindfulness and have an (inner) MBA certification from the UNY/Wisdom2.0
and Sounds True.
I love working with businesses and individuals to create desired change on multiple levels. Especially Trauma and Grief are where my strength is.
The “secret healing” sauce I experience today? To choose Living in Freedom, meeting the
feelings when they appear, then transcend them into powerful allies. That is an Art I love to
share with you.

Recognizing and overcoming communication traps & learning practical skills


Becoming aware of how your past is influencing your present communication skills

Awareness is the first thing you need to be able to change.


How to stay out of the pitfalls

From awareness to new healthier ways of communication


Understanding the interaction patterns

Patterns are blinding. Changing perspective opens up new possibilities.


Implementing a more wholesome skill set

Applying some basic rules will improve your communication enormously.

How our masterclass have improved people’s life

A portal of self-love that was closed for a long time has been opened again.


Kevin van Vossen


I’ve always thought and lived that I had to do and should be able to do everything myself. I’ve now become aware that this isn’t true.

I was always full of stress and my head was overloaded. I didn’t permit myself to relax and take a rest. Now I’ve learned to grant myself relaxation.

I now only do what gives pleasure and what I want to do instead of ‘must’ do things. I’ve learned to no longer worry about everything, things are as they are.

Kaat van Dee

Online masterclass – 7 Steps to Communication Mastery

  • This masterclass consists of 7 webinars.
  • Each webinar lasts 75 minutes.
  • The webinars will include meditations, guided introspections, theory of communication & practicing in groups.
  • The webinars will be on Tuesday March 7, 14, 21 & 28, April 4, 11 & 18 at 19.00 CET / 10 am PST.

What will you learn:

  • How does (lack of) self-esteem influence your communication.
  • Distinctiveness & clarity in yourself.
  • How do interaction patterns work.
  • Listening with and to your body.
  • Giving & receiving feedback.
  • How different attachment styles influence your communication.
  • The power of intention.

What will it cost you:

  • € 195,-.
  • Because we recognize the importance of wholesome communication in the world as it is right now we have decided to make this masterclass accessible to everybody. Therefore several payment options and discount options are possible.
  • See the FAQ underneath for details.

Would you like to improve your communication skills?

You are absolutely capable of being a good communicator. No doubt about it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there prerequisites to joining this course?

No, there are no prerequisites. You just need to be willing to face whatever needs to be faced.

Is this just theoretical or do we also get to practice?

Words are just words, they don’t stick. This course is experiential, the actual practice will give you the confidence you can do this!

Do I have to be present at every webinar?

No, you don’t. The webinars are recorded and the link is shared with the participants only. The recordings will be removed after the course has ended. So, you can always watch the replays.

Do I need a Zoom account?

No, you don’t. Before the start of the masterclass, you’ll get a Zoom link, that will take you straight into the meeting. You will get into the waiting room first and you’ll be let in a few minutes before the meeting starts.

What does the masterclass cost?

The cost of this masterclass is € 195,- (or $ 195,- for the USA).

What are the payment options?
  • The 7 Steps to Communication Masterclass costs € 195,- / $ 195,-
  • Book and pay before February 28 gives a 20% discount
  • € 95,- / $ 95,- when you experience financial hardship.
Can I do the processes in my native language?

This is an international course and the language used is English. This goes for the teachings and also during practices.

If it happens you end up doing the practice with someone that speaks the same language as you, you can of course do the practice in your native tongue.

How are the webinars built up?

Grosso modo, the webinars will all have a similar build up:

  • Starting of with a meditation
  • Teaching
  • Sometimes guided visualizations
  • Practicing, either as a group or in pairs (in separate Zoom rooms)
  • Sharing
  • Homework

Experiences by participants to webinars and/or masterclasses

I have participated in the webinar series ‘Make 2022 your year!’ because I wanted to find out what my passion is, and to create a mood board, so I can look at it once in a while and remind my intention for the year. During the guided meditations I’ve felt what I want to manifest during this year, not from the mind but the heart. I highly recommend participating in one of the masterclasses of Peter and Els. The masterclasses/webinars are well prepared, contain great meditation and the theme is viewed from several angles. It was so great!

Trea van Os


I have participated in the webinar series ‘Make 2022 your year!’. It has given me beautiful new and surprising insights, which have led to a wonderful vision board. It was very pleasant doing it this way because it gave me the necessary inspiration to create my vision board.



Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone and become a Master Communcator?

This course will be challenging, because there’s no growth without challenges. Can you do it? Absolutely!