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Peter Thijssens and Els van der Horst

Functioning as healthily as possible under difficult circumstances

It’s not the circumstances themselves, it’s how you deal with them.


Capacitating your innate abbilities

Everything you need is within you, you just started to believe it is not so.


From surviving to full-on LIVING

Survival is the opposite of Life.

SoulNature - psycholoog Almere

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SoulNature - psycholoog Almere

Differentiation between me and the Self

Everything you need is within you, you are All Possibilities. You’ve just been taught this isn’t true and unfortunately, you believed it.

The ego is the denial of what YOU ARE. Seeing through the illusion of what you think you are, brings you back to what you are.

Living from the Self is the opposite of surviving from the ego. It takes time, understanding and practice to reverse the process of identification with the ego and to re-identify with the Self.

These masterclasses will help you walk the Path to Self-realisation, little step by little step.

YOU ARE All Possibilities. 

You just started to believe you’re not.

That is the only mistake you’ve ever made.

Peter Thijssens

In my mid-30s, my awakening process started. My life has changed radically, since then. I made the switch from IT to health care.

  • Where I ‘thought’ I was afraid of people and socially awkward, to my surprise I discovered I’m very good at working with people
  • From super-introvert I turned into an extrovert-introvert
  • From a responsive personality I learned to reach out and discovered I am capable of that
  • From being a frightened little boy in a man’s body I turned into an entrepreneur, a self-made man
  • From being afraid to give lectures I now stand in front of groups more and more.

These are just a few examples. What it has taught me, is that everything I need is within me. I just falsely started to believe it’s not so.

Els van der Horst
SoulNature - psycholoog Almere

Els van der Horst

Today I work in the US as a Leadership Coach and a Journey Therapist. I combine these practices with Mindfulness, and I have an MBA. I love working with businesses and individuals to create desired change on multiple levels.

Especially Trauma and Grief are where my strength is.

The “secret healing” sauce today? To choose Living in Freedom, meeting the difficult feelings, then transcend them into powerful allies. That is an Art I love to share with you.

Learning to LIVE from the Self instead surviving from the ego


Learn how to listen to your body

The mind is unreliable and deceiving. The body, however, doesn’t lie.


Dealing with emotions in a healthy way

Emotions want only one thing and that is to be felt. Blocking emotions is the main cause of both mental and physical illness.


Living in alignment with the Self

Living from the ego costs a lot of energy and is prone to failure. Living from the Self gets you in flow.


Living your life's purpose

Living your life’s purpose leads to a fulfilling life.

‘Know thyself’: self-knowledge is the key to Liberation

A portal of self-love that was closed for a long time has been opened again.


Kevin van Vossen


I’ve always thought and lived that I had to do and should be able to do everything myself. I’ve now become aware that this isn’t true.

I was always full of stress and my head was overloaded. I didn’t permit myself to relax and take a rest. Now I’ve learned to grant myself relaxation.

I now only do what gives pleasure and what I want to do instead of ‘must’ do things. I’ve learned to no longer worry about everything, things are as they are.

Kaat van Dee

Online masterclasses that make a difference

These free masterclasses of Peter and Els show how you can live differently. They will help you to move from surviving and walking the treadmill to living a fulfilling life with increasing ease, effortlessness, success, and gratitude.

You will regain your natural ability to listen to your body, deal with emotions healthily, ease the mind, and align with the Self.


These webinars are free of charge. If you want to make a donation (recommended is € 25,- / $ 25,-), you can click the donation-button and transfer your donation to PayPal account

Do you want to live your life the way you were always meant to instead of what you came to believe?

Do you want to experience it is possible to live with ease and satisfaction instead of struggling?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are these webinars?

The length of the webinars is 1 to 1,5 hours

Do I need to be experienced in psychology or spirituality?

No, you don’t. You only have to be willing to reflect upon yourself and be open to new experiences.

Do I need a Zoom account to participate?

No, you don’t need a Zoom account of your own. Before the start of the webinar, we’ll email you the Zoom link and you only have to click it to join the webinar.

Are there also online trainings besides these free webinars?

Yes, there are. If these free masterclasses ignited your enthusiasm, you are most welcome to join one of our online training. We’ll inform you about them at the end of the free webinar and/or afterward by email.

What do these webinars cost?

Absolutely nothing, these webinars are completely free of charge!

Can I invite others to these webinars?

Sure, you can. Please ask them to register on this page, because we only let people into the webinars that have registered here.

Are there also live masterclasses?

We have several options:

  • free webinars are given by Peter and Els together
  • paid online masterclasses by Peter and Els together, starting January 2023 (you’ll receive information about them by email after the free webinar)
  • live masterclasses are given in Eugene, Oregon (USA) by Els, and by Peter in the Netherlands (probably Almere or somewhere closeby)
  • individual sessions with Els and/or Peter
Is it a problem I'm not familiar with Zoom?

No, that’s not a problem. At the start of the webinar, we’ll explain everything you need to know.

Do I need any other equipment?

We advise you to have a headset at hand (just in case), pen and paper and a bottle of water.

Experiences by participants to webinars and/or masterclasses

I have participated in the webinar series ‘Make 2022 your year!’ because I wanted to find out what my passion is, and to create a mood board, so I can look at it once in a while and remind my intention for the year. During the guided meditations I’ve felt what I want to manifest during this year, not from the mind but the heart. I highly recommend participating in one of the masterclasses of Peter and Els. The masterclasses/webinars are well prepared, contain great meditation and the theme is viewed from several angles. It was so great!

Trea van Os


I have participated in the webinar series ‘Make 2022 your year!’. It has given me beautiful new and surprising insights, which have led to a wonderful vision board. It was very pleasant doing it this way because it gave me the necessary inspiration to create my vision board.



Do you want to get to know yourself beter?

Do you want to discover what life wants from you and how to go along with the flow?